Influential, Impactful and Empowering, Rich Royal Cloth Culture (RRCC) is creating a spiritual symbol of fashion. Rich Royal is here for the conscious consumer who values high quality goods.  


The CROWN is made with 100% premium fabrics from all over the world. 

At the pinnacle of hand craftsmanship the luxury brand has recalibrated the headwear market with a royal mission that lives within its name.




Reaching, Incredibly, Challenging, Heights 

Redeveloping, Our, Youth, Assets & Legacy


The CROWN is what they create.  Being a productive family of action is the RICH and ROYAL part.  The CROWN,  a cloth item that represents a cultural perspective to live in full purpose.  While stylish and unique, the CROWN is designed to empower the wearer and remind them that they are what they wear.  Royalty. 


Control, Respect, Ownership, Wealth & Nationhood. 




Established in June of 2017,  Yahmassiach & Flower Yisrael, Founder & CEO of RRCC, began manufacturing, marketing and distributing the #crownbyrichroyal right from their home in Newport News Virginia.  


RRCC focuses on empowering creative artist, entrepreneurs and the youth through community outreach and crown ambassadorships. 


The brand is pushing a movement in black economics to promote more cultural and creative intellectual property. 

With the American culture embedded in debt and consumerism, which is hurting the majority of our communities, RRCC is challenging trendsetters and influencers to set higher standards for what they consume.  


It's a small symbol but it's bigger than fashion.